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Battle Kittens

In the world of Battle Kittens, you are one of the cat king's royal cat herders, assigned to draft the cutest, strongest, wisest, and most agile kittens in the kingdom. Three battlegrounds are presented each round, with each randomly having a particular battle kitten trait played onto it. Players begin by drafting adorably ferocious kitten cards, then dividing them into squads and deploying those squads to the battlefields. The squads with the three highest point totals in a battlefield are awarded a number of fish tokens in accordance with that particular battlefield's allotment. After three rounds are completed, the cat herder with the biggest haul of fish tokens wins!

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Road Hog: Rule the Road

MSRP $25

Part Number: 10495 

Life on the road means quick wits, mad skills and a bit of luck to get where you are going. Be the first player to drive your car from the beginning to the end of the highway and exit first!

The board is set up by placing seven road tiles. Players have a hand of three cards and use two dice to manipulate the traffic vehicles and move their own vehicle toward the exit. Cards are played to provide extra movement, move other vehicles, steal other players' cards, and create various other effects to attempt to jockey into first place.

Key points:
• Great mechanic with dice and card play
• Fun for all ages, great game for any level gamer
• Play new highways each time with multiple road layouts

• 40 Wooden Cars and Trucks
• 2 Dice
• 10 Road Tiles
• 60 Cards
• 1 Rule book


Championship Formula Racing

MSRP $60

Part Number: 10026 

In Championship Formula Racing, each player takes control of a Formula 1 race car on the great tracks of the world, from Monza to Suzuka. Players create their own cars, designing it around various attributes including Start Speed, Top Speed and Endurance. Players choose speeds each turn, taking in to account sharp corners, drafting or whether to push the car past its physical limits.

Unlike other race games, CFR can be played well with one or two players. CFR has historical racers included, so players can race with up to 12 cars no matter how many players are racing! Can you beat Alain Prost? Jackie Stewart? Michael Shumacher?

• 1 Double-sided game board, providing 2 race tracks
• 4 Driver Decks, consisting of 24 cards per deck
• 4 Speed Decks, consisting of 12 cards per deck
• 4 F1 Race Car Miniatures
• 56 Skill Markers
• 48 Wear Tokens
• 4 Tire Markers
• 4 Pit Markers
• 2 D6 dice
• 1 Rule book
• 1 Quick-Start guide
• 1 Die roll cheat sheet

Out Now!

13 Minutes

MSRP $10

Part Number: 11963 

13 Minutes is a card-driven micro game with tough decisions. Playing as either President Kennedy or Khrushchev, your aim is to exit the Cuban Missile Crisis as the most powerful superpower. During the game you will play five Strategy cards that you use to place Influence cubes on battlegrounds to score majorities, or to manipulate battlegrounds. Played cards turn into new battlegrounds so the world map is ever changing. Be careful, because each decision is important and you may trigger global nuclear war.

• 13 Strategy cards
• 26 Influence cubes
• 1 Rule book

Out Now!

Flag Dash

MSRP $25

Part Number: 10052 

In Flag Dash, you play as one of several childhood friends who promised to play their favorite pastime again after they "grew up." Secretly plan your moves to outmaneuver the opposing team in an exciting game of capture the flag! Will your opponents ruin your plans, or will you return home victoriously with the flag?

Choose from 6 fun characters with unique player powers and beautiful illustrations, including the Wanna-be Ninja, Modern Cowboy and Crazy Cat Lady! No two games are alike since there are many gameplay variations.

Key points:
• Movement programming mechanics
• Must-have wooden components
• High praise from reviewers, including Tom Vasel of "The Dice Tower"
• #1 Game at BGG Con 2016
• Top 5 on BGG Hotness
• 20k Unique visitors on BGG (And Counting)

• 6 Wooden Pawns
• 2 Wooden Flags
• 6 Wooden Walls
• 1 Wooden Tiebreaker
• 12 Character Flags
• 12 Boost Tokens
• 1 Game board
• 38 Cards
• 32 Priority Tokens
• 4 Player Screens
• 6 Tunnel Tokens
• 2 Trap Tokens
• 10 Variant Tokens
• 1 Rule book

Upcoming Releases

July Release



#AlternativeFacts is a party game where the facts get fuzzier than the president's hair.  Craft creatively concocted and hilariously erroneous headlines that rival any late-night Twitter posting.  Grab your friends and start creating your own #AlternativeFacts for a truly outrageous time.

August Release


MSRP $15

Part Number: 10053 

Help your animal friends fetch their favorite treats as you rotate, shift and rearrange the park to slow your foes and gather your goodies first. It's up to you to figure out who's the fastest furry friend of them all.

• 20 Tiles
• 4 Standees
• 12 Tokens
• 1 D8 die
• 1 Rulebook

August Release

Battle Kittens

MSRP $10

Part Number: 10054 

Draft your purr-fect team of cute but cutthroat kitties, then deploy them to battlegrounds and watch the fur fly! Compete to win the biggest haul of fresh fish and become the pick of the litter!

• 80 Cards
• 60 Tokens
• 1 Rulebook

August Release

Iron Curtain

MSRP $20

Part Number: 10057 

An Iron Curtain descends in this micro game version of a battle between superpowers. Dominate battlegrounds (majorities, area control and domino effects) and assert influence so that cards end up in your political reach.

• 18 Cards
• 1 Scoring Track
• 48 Cubes
• 1 Rule book

October Release


MSRP $15

Part Number: 10022

Everything comes together when players strategically place pieces onto the magnetic board. Create the most circles to score points while sabotaging your opponents' scoring opportunities. With single player and multi-player options, the fun is endless with Zircles!

• 24 Geometric shape magnets
• 1 Rule book
• 8 Score Markers
• 1 Game board (magnetic)

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The organization of the league play event, and the selection of prize support recipients, is the entire responsibility of the retailer. This promotion may end at any time with or without notice.

The organization of the league play event, and the selection of prize support recipients, is entirely the responsibility of the retailer. This promotion may be modified or end at any time with or without notice.

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Any Distributor or Retailer that violates or abuses this Program Policy will at the discretion of Ultra PRO be removed from future participation in the Program and/or prohibited from buying UPE products for a designated period.

Violation Policy:
No Retailer or Distributor may sell the ‘Demo Copy’ games to consumers, games are meant for the Retailer library.
Retailers and Distributors are prohibited from selling OP Prize Support as a stand-alone offering, where such OP Prize Support is intended for Players and/or Retailers that have purchased games that include special prize support. UPE OP will let Retailers, Players and distributors know which items are for Players and/or Retailers.
Any reports of violations will be reviewed by UPE executive staff, and the Distributor, and/or the relevant Retailer, to gain an understanding of the alleged violation. Penalties can range from suspension to the removal from the Program.
In-Store League Programs – Policies will be determined and posted soon. Players will be held to the Retailers honor system regarding reporting. Qualified Players who win in-store events and become a top player may benefit by free entry into main tournaments at conventions based on the relevant Stone Blade and UPE rules.

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